The aim of our Art Department is to provide a welcoming and creative space in which our students are encouraged to develop skills for life and an appreciation of the world around them.

At Junior Cycle, pupils master skills in the basic elements of drawing, sculpture, painting, printing, design and craft. This provides a basis for an easy transition to Leaving Cert Art where students work is more self directed in order to develop and express their own ideas.

Throughout Junior Cycle, students are introduced to a variety of Artists and their work. This creates a strong foundation for the study of History and Appreciation of Art at Leaving Cert level.

In addition to classroom practice, Art provides an opportunity for Gallery visits, historical field trips and visual recording of the local environment.

Art fosters our students’ creative minds as well as improving communication, organisation and problem-solving skills across the curriculum.




Below is a selection of some of the lovely artwork that is being done by our students in St. Mac Dara’s.


Junior Certificate Exhibition Rua Red, Tallaght.

Some of the wonderfully talented work of our budding Picasso’s in the making […]