Mock Examinations


Scheduling  of Mocks- based on our experience as educators over many years, the two weeks before February midterm break are considered the most appropriate time to schedule the Mock exams for a number of reasons:

(i) The Mock exams place huge physical and other demands on students and a week break at the end of the exams gives them an opportunity to recharge their batteries for the demanding months ahead.

(ii) The earlier students get  feedback on their academic progress through receipt of Mock results, the earlier they get a “reality check” and realise the amount of effort now needed to do well in the Leaving Certificate or Junior Certificate examinations.

(iii) The period pre- Easter and immediately after Easter includes State Examination Orals and Practicals.  Therefore, scheduling the Mock examinations on the two weeks after February midterm break would allow less time to prepare and would also  make it more difficult for students to focus on Orals and Practicals.

(iv) From a teaching perspective, especially at Leaving Certificate level, it is much better to have a “straight run” after February break without a two- week interruption at that point.  Also, knowing the areas of a  subject in which students need more instruction- as revealed by their Mock results- is invaluable to a teacher and a student, especially the earlier this information is received.

(v)               The college has scheduled the Mock examinations in the past for the two-week period after February midterm but this  proved to be a less satisfactory arrangement.  Indeed, many other schools now  schedule their Mock examinations for the same two week period leading up to February midterm break.