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RE: Confidentiality Agreement between iPLANiT and Eoghan ComerfordThis letter outlines confidentiality provisions applicable to negotiations, discussions and exchange of information between IPLANiT Ltd and Eoghan Comerford Ltd. (hereinafter “the Contractor”) in anticipation of the parties( “Parties”) entering into a Service Agreement (hereinafter “the Agreement”).

The Contractor hereby agrees that all information whatsoever, (including but not limited to trade secrets, manufacturing processes, systems, procedures, customers, markets and know-how), (hereinafter ‘Confidential Information’),  received and discovered during the term of the Agreement or in connection with the transactions contemplated by such Agreement or in relation to any discussions and negotiations which may take place preceding the Parties entering into such Agreement, whether such information is disclosed before or after the date of the Agreement, shall be kept confidential by the Contractor and its representatives and shall not be used other than as contemplated by the Parties to the Agreement except:

1.    Where the Parties agree in writing that the confidentiality obligations

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