Sixth Year Work

Teachers will continue to set work for sixth year students during the closure period. Students will find this work below or alternatively students may be given work directly by their teachers through Google Classroom or College emails. We expect all students to keep up to date with any work given.

A brief parents guide to google classroom can be downloaded by clicking here.

Work for Ms Brennan’s Irish Class:

Páipéar 1
Déan dhá cheann de na háistí seo.
(1) An Timpeallacht
(3) Bochtanas.
Bain úsáid as na dioscanna a thagann leis na paipeiri chun cleachtadh don chluastuiscint.
Páipéar 2                                                                                                                                        Páipéar 2019 Dhá  léamhthuiscint
Bí cinnte go bhfuil an Fhoirm Cheisteach ar eolas agaibh.   Cé  Cad  Cathain srl.                                                                                                                      Déan staidéar ar na nótaí atá agaibh ar an dán An Tearrach Thiar agus Géibheann agus freagair na ceisteanna ar Paipear 2 2019 agus ar P2 2017.
Seol an obair chuig [email protected]
Subject Class Teacher Work to be completed
Guidance 6 Guidance 1.9/1.7 Mr. Finnegan Please consult Google classroom; class code: c2xhcbu

Construction Studies      Mr Darcy    Google Classroom Code bmw4gys

Engineering                   Mr Lyons     Google Classroom Code lh4pajz

Subject Class Teacher Work to be Completed
Art 6th Year Art and Art History. Miss Milton/Miss Cairns
all 6th Year Students can access assignments through google classroom using the code to4x2r3
Art History and Appreciation/ Life Drawing 6 Art L.Dingle Students refer to code vvmxhbt on google classroom for assignment updates.
Art, Craft and Design 6 Art L.Dingle Art History assignments and Life Drawing Practical
Biology Ms Doherty Biology class Ms Doherty Please see Google classroom (code y6qwnin)
Biology Biology (4.2) Ms. Cosgrave
Students have all signed up to Google classroom, work will be assigned through this medium. Students will have to submit completed work by a given deadline.
Biology   Mr. Geraghty Please refer to google classroom for instructions.
If you have biology period 9 on a Monday your code is : da2mdzn
If you have biology period 3+4 on a Tuesday your code is: c6ca6ot
Business 6th Business Mr Ryan
Students should be working through mock papers, as discussed in class. Marking scheme and specific work will be on our Google classroom. It is important you use your time wisely.
Class code: frtyn36
Business Ms Brady’s Business ckass Ms Brady
Go through mock papers and compare to solution that will be sent by email to each student. Studebts are to email Ms Brady directl at [email protected]
Business Ms Brady’s Business Class Ms Brady
Check email for feedback on Mocks and work for the week as well as online access to Edco resources.
Chemistry   Ms Clarke Google Classroom Code. rcqaeng
Construction Studies 6 BCON 3.2 Mr Ryan O’Dwyer All work in on Google Classroom. CODE: i27kfrz
DCG 6th Year DCG Mr Ryan O’Dwyer All work is on Google Classroom CODE: ck3j4vj
Economics 6th Economics Mr Ryan
All work is communicated through our google classroom, as discussed. For those that were absent you need to gain access using the following code:
Engineering 6 Eng 5.8 Matt McCabe See work assigned on Google Classroom Code 32lpijn
Engineering   Mr Lyons 6th yr Eng refer to google Classroom code lh4pajz
English 6th English Ms Clune Students to consult Google Classroom on a regular basis.
English 6th yr S.O’Reilly S. O’Reilly
Study very carefully the 2 handouts on your Comparative Novels. Make out your own specific notes on both handouts.
Put together Key Quotes from your Shakespearean Play.
Revise the 4 female Poets.
English   S.O’Reilly. Google Classroom Code. m23raey
English NKelly English NKelly See google classroom
English 6 English 9.1. Deirdre Feore
(1) Do a question A and a question B from any exam paper. Remember to pick a question A from one text and a question B from a separate text. With regard to your question A, write three paragraphs for a fifteen mark question. Write four paragraphs for a twenty mark question. Each paragraph should include one well-explained point. (2) Write a composition from the Composing section of Paper One from any exam paper. (3) Answer the Paul Durcan question from 2018. (4) Complete a ‘Hamlet’ question from a past paper or mock paper. Go to Google Classroom for more details. The code is eg7ju5s.
English 6th Year English (Ordinary Level) P. Finucane See Google Classroom – code bi4qycn
English 6th Year English (Higher Level) P. Finucane See Google Classroom – code 2xdgrps
French La classe de Mr Gibson Mr Gibson
Prepare all topics for oral exam. Work assigned via Google Classroom. Code = 72bkgkm
Gaeilge   Naomhán Ó Ríordáin Consult Google Classroom
Geography     Refer to google classroom for your work.
German Sixth year German Erika Roche
2012 Reading comprehension 1. Please write answers on a sheet photograph and send to me through the google classroom or alternatively as a word document. Link to comprehension is available through the google classroom.
German 6th year German Ms Roche
piilap7 is the google classroom code. Work will be posted on days we normally have class
1. Complete RSR final draft 2. Attempt two questions from Dictatorship and Democracy and Sovereignty and Partition
History NKelly History NKelly See google classroom
History Mr O’Brien’s class Mr O’Brien Please consult Google classroom for work: the code is: h4qdmag
History K Smith History Group K Smith
Complete RSR. Then start on exam questions which are uploaded on Google Classroom.
Home economics 5.5 A O’Rourke see google classroom llv7qth
ITALIAN 6 year kells Ilenia Cappello Work will be uploaded in Google classroom+exam paper to finish
LCVP 6th LCVP Ms Clune/Mr Ryan
Using students are requested to complete as many questions as they can from the General Questions section from the exam papers over a number of years. Handouts will be distributed also.
Mathematics     See individual Google Classroom
Mr Canavan/Ms Rowden/Ms Lalor GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE: uwvfubz
Maths 6 Maths 10.4 Ms Rowden Finish Patterns, Learn Theorems and Constructions and exam papers.
Music 6th year Music V Butler
Please see google classroom for assigned work. A reminder to keep practicing your instrument and musescore for your practical.
Google classroom code: geo43p2
Music 6th year Music V Butler
Please correct mock exam listening paper see google classroom for further updates
Spanish 6 Spanish Higher Level N.Denny
1. Complete the following aural exams on 2014,2015 and 2016
2. Continue revising Roleplays 1-5
3. Spend 15 minutes daily practicing for oral exam
4. Refer to Google Classroom on class days – online work will be facilitated and attendance will be compulsory
5. Work through all dialogue questions from exam years 2014-2019
Spanish 6 Span 2.4 Ms Perrin Work will be uploaded on google classroom. students have code. Code is: 26ya7wx
 Physics  6 Phys  Mr. Cosgrave  Using a mixture of Zoom and Google Classroom  Code atkr6ao