St. Mac Dara’s C.C. Admissions Policy


St. Mac Dara’s Community College’s Admissions Policy should be considered in conjunction with its Code of Behaviour and the provisions of the Education Act (1998), the Education Welfare Act (2000) and the Equal Status Act (2000).

St. Mac Dara’s is an inclusive school and no student will be refused admission on discriminatory grounds as referred to in the Equal Status Act.

The Admissions Policy will be reviewed on a regular basis by the Board of Management of the College.

Applications for Enrolment in First Year

Applications will only be considered from students in Sixth Class Primary School.

The closing date for applications will be the Friday preceding the Halloween midterm break of the year prior to entry.  Application forms will be available from the previous May.

Applications will prioritised in the following order:


  1. Those who reside in the geographical area known as St. Jude’s R.C. Parish.
  1. Brothers and sisters of students who attend or have attended St. Mac Dara’s Community College.
  1. Those attending Bishop Galvin N.S. at the time of application.
  1. In the event of vacancies existing following the allocation of places to those eligible under categories 1 to 3 above places will be offered in the first instance a) applications from sons and daughters of past students and if there are still vacancies to, b) applications from students of Rathfarnham Educate Together National School.  
  1. All other applications, submitted by the closing date, will be entered into a random draw for the remaining places. These applicants will be informed of the result of the draw within twenty one days of the closing date for applications. 
  1. After all available places have been allocated, the remaining applicants will be drawn if and when places arise.
  1. Late applications will be recorded and considered in the event of the waiting list being exhausted.


When offered a place, successful applicants must signify in writing, by the stated date, their intention to accept the place offered and must also indicate their choice of European language.


Assessment Test

All successful applicants will be required to sit an assessment test in the month of February prior to their entry into First Year.  The purpose of this test is twofold:

  • To provide information which facilitates the placing of all students in mixed ability classes.
  • To help identify students who may require additional support.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of successful applicants into First Year are expected to attend an Information Evening in the month of May preceding entry to the college.


 Applications for Enrolment in Second to Sixth Year

Enrolment of students in years other than First Year, namely Second to Sixth Year, is dependent on availability of places in the year group to which the applicant is seeking enrolment.

Applications for places in Second to Sixth Year must be made in writing.

If a place is available, the applicant and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) must attend for interview with the Management of the College.

In considering an application, the College must be provided with the following information from the applicant:

  • (i) An explanation of the reason for the application.
  • (ii) A written report from the Principal of the applicant’s previous school.
  • (iii) Copies of two of the most recent term reports from previous school(s).
  • (iv) A copy of State examination results (if applicable).
  • (v) A record of school attendance.
  • (vi) A psychological report (where one exists).
  • Additional needs requirements with supporting documentation.


Applications will be considered, subject to the following conditions:

  • (i) That, in the view of the Principal, the applicant is deemed suitable for admission to the school and is likely to benefit from attendance in the school.
  • (ii) That the applicant will conform to the school’s Code of Behaviour.
  • (iii) That the applicant will contribute positively to the school and not interfere with or disrupt the educational development of other students. In this regard, an applicant may be deemed unsuitable for admission if it is considered that the health and safety of other students and/ or staff would be at risk or their rights infringed.


Applications from students who have been excluded from another school 

In addition to the above conditions of enrolment, students wishing to transfer from another school following exclusion from that school must, firstly, have exhausted all appeal mechanisms including appeal through Section 29 of the Education Act (1998), before their application to enrol is considered by the Board of Management.

The decision to admit or refuse a student entry into the College is delegated to the Principal by the Board of Management.

However, in the event of a refusal to enrol a student, the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student will be informed of their right to appeal that decision (to the Board of Management) under Section 29 of the Education Act, 1998.