Trocaire Committee

Trócaire is an internationally recognized Irish agency “supporting people in the developing world to improve their lives, meet their basic needs and ensure their human dignity.”(From Trócaire website).

St Mac Daras Community College holds the distinction of being the leading contributor in Ireland for fundraising in schools for Trócaire and has done so for the past fourteen years. This is a huge achievement for the school and an accomplishment both the student body and staff are proud of. The Trócaire Committee (a group of volunteer TY/fifth year students) help organise the events that raise the money for Trocaire. Our two main fundraisers are the Lenten Campaign and the regular Friday Fair Trade shop.
The Lenten Campaign takes place before the Easter Break where students are asked to give up something for 24 hours (e.g. talking, eating or even your mobile phone!!).
The Fair Trade shop takes place every Friday in the canteen where Fair Trade chocolate bars and cookies are sold. The Trócaire Committee run the shop, design the posters and count the money the students collect!
One of the benefits of being on the committee is the day trip to the Trócaire Headquarters where students are shown the amazing things our money can do and the lives we can help change. The photos below were taken during this years training day at the Trócaire Headquarters  in Maynooth.