This is an introductory site for Mathematics in St. Mac Dara’s Community College.

To facilitate the fact that the Leaving Certificate books for 5th year are not available to purchase at the moment, we have been given permission to put it up on our site for the time being.

To view the 5th Year  Leaving Cert Higher Maths book, click here . This is a large file, so may take a few moments to open.

To view the 5th Year Leaving Cert Ordinary Maths book, click here.

Mission Statement

 To help all students achieve their potential by working together as a Maths community in a collaborative way.

 Project Maths

The members of the St. Mac Dara’s Maths Department are fully committed to the methodologies implicit in Project Maths. The aim is to guide the students learning and to teach Maths skills that serve problem solving purposes.

All students are encouraged to pursue the highest level of Maths study that is appropriate to the student’s academic ability.

 Programmes and Levels

 Junior Certificate – All levels

TYO – Mixed ability

Leaving Certificate – All levels


Members of the Department
  • Edward Carey
  • Michael Garry
  • Kate Mathews
  • Marcus Cosgrave
  • Eamon O Connor
  • Pat Burke
  • Liam Cormack
  • Noel Donnelly
  • Shona Burke (L.S)
  • Rachel Lalor (L.S)
  • Sinead Dawson (L.S)
  • Laura Keogh (L.S)


Classes organisation:

 1st Year – All first years are in mixed ability classes

 T.Y.O. – Mixed ability

 2nd year-6th year – All classes are organised to ensure all students have access to their appropriate level


Useful websites:                       Syllabus and information on Project Maths       Resources relevant to Project Maths


khanacademy         Aid to student’s understanding    Constructions etc.                       Great talks on a variety of maths and educational topics