Supervised Study


The College has run post school Supervised Study Sessions for 3rd and 6th Years in the college for several years. A secure and comfortable environment in which to study is provided for students.

Students have found that these scheduled study times provide a distraction free, focused and study orientated atmosphere. The dedication of organised blocks of time to study helps students become more disciplined in their study habits and enables them to better manage their time. Supervised study takes place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3.50 to 5.20pm.

Please contact the school for further information.

Supervised Study 2015

  • Supervised study will run from 15th September to 17th December
  • There are 33 sessions in total in this time
  • Each student must be prepared for the ninety minute session on entering the classroom
  • Monday classroom D2, Tuesday and Thursday classroom B1

 After school study will not take place on the following dates as staff meetings are arranged:

  • Monday 14th September
  • Tuesday 22nd September
  • Tuesday 13th October
  • Tuesday 3rd November
  • Tuesday 17th November
  • Tuesday 15th December


• Students must be punctual and may not leave early without parental consent.

• Students must maintain silence during study.

• No phones or iPods allowed.

• No food may be consumed during study.