Active Week – Day 1 (25/5/2020)

Dear Students,

We hope you are keeping well.  We have something different for you to do this week. There will be up to 5 challenges set each day under the following headings

1 – Activity

2 – Wellbeing

3 – Cultural / practical 

4 – Beat the teacher

We are challenging you to try these every day and send your photos or videos back into your PE google classroom. There will be spot prizes during the week for great examples of student work. The class that engages most in the challenges will also win a prize.

Today’s Challenges

Challenge 1 – walk between 2 and 5k.  Post us a picture of your time or your route.

Challenge 2 – Art

The challenge is to recreate famous works of art using yourself, your family members or even a family pet. The costumes may be created using ordinary household items and bits of old clothes etc and domestic settings that may have a similar appearance to the objects and costumes in the paintings. It is designed to be fun and to engage imaginations in terms of using items and settings we have available to us and turning them into something else. I have attached two videos which feature similar ideas, one is a music video and the other is a family who have been creating famous works of art throughout lockdown. Some photo examples also attached. Emphasis here is really on the sense of humour and having fun. Please find some futher info at the following links.

Challenge 3 Yoga

Yoga is great for improving flexibility and developing strength which can help prevent injury

Challenge 4  – Beat The Teacher

Please see video of Mr Burke’s challenge.  Can you beat his score of 30 in 15 seconds

Don’t forget post your Activities back to your PE Google Classroom.