Board of Management – Agreed Minutes (25/5/2020)

Thanks: The board thanked staff members for their valued contribution to St Mac Dara’s CC. They also
wished staff well who are moving on and welcome new appointees onto the staff for the coming year

Remote Teaching and Learning: The board members thanked all the staff for their excellent work with
their students during these very challenging conditions of a pandemic.

Technology: The board thanks all the school development teams for their excellent work especially the
Digital Literacy TEL team for their guidance, training and up skilling of students, staff and parents prior
to and during the lockdown.

St. Mac Dara’s CC Twitter Account : congratulations to the college on the launch of ‘twitter’ and good

The board passed on their best wishes for 2020/2021 with the increase of Transition Year and the
introduction of new Leaving Certificate subject of Physical Education.

Leaving Certificate Graduation: Congratulations to the Leaving Certificate Students and their families
who have completed their 2nd level cycle. Best wishes to all this group with their results and their
plans for the future.

Thank you for your excellent work and cooperation. Thanks to the 6th Year Head and the 6th Year
Tutors for their guidance and care of this group.

The Post of Responsibility review was carried out during May and School Development Planning is

Policy Development: The board ratified a draft Admissions Policy and Litter Policy. Draft policies for
Health Safety and Welfare. Attendance and Punctuality, AUP , Distance Learning are to be read and
considered for the next board meeting.

CIVID-19: Planning and arrangements for September return to school following HSE and Health
Guidelines will continue during the summer break.