Board of Management Minutes (October 8th)


TUESDAY 8 Oct 2019

Pamela Kearns Community Representative (Chairperson), Lily Barry Archbishop Nominee, Elizabeth McCormack Archbishop Nominee, Niamh Skelly Community Representative, Edward Carey Teacher Representative Rep, Mrs C. Ward Teacher Representative, Mr. M Nerney Parent Representative, Councillor G. McGuire, Sean Breheny ETB Representative, Barbara Gannon Archbishop Nominee, Mr. D. Ward Secretary, Mr C. Cassidy (Observer) Mr N. Donnelly (Observer).

Agreed Minutes:
The Board sends their congratulations to all the students and their families on their excellent results in the recent Junior Certificate/ Cycle and Leaving Certificate exams.
Thanks and congratulations to the staff of St Mac Dara’s for all their excellent work with both groups.

The Board ratified and signed the amendment to the Child Safeguarding and Risk Assessment Policy by adding Mr D. Ward (Principal) as DLP (Designated Liaison Officer).

The Board welcomed new staff and wished them all the best in their careers in St Mac Dara’s CC.

The Board expressed their support to management and staff with their continuation of the implementation of the School Self Evaluation Plan.

The Board welcomes the ongoing school building improvement i.e. the addition of exterior windows and doors.

As this was the last board meeting of this current term the Chairperson thanked the Board for their excellent work and cooperation. She wished the new board well in their new term 2019/2022. Thanks from the board was also extended to Mr. P Kingston for his wonderful contribution to St. Mac Dara’s CC along with best wishes on his retirement.

The Board welcomed Mr D. Ward as Principal and wished him well in his new role going forward with St. Mac Dara’s CC.

The Board sends best wishes and every success to all the staff and students in the academic year ahead.

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