Senior Cycle Business ( 5th and 6th Year):

In our school we offer Business to every senior cycle student, although studying Junior Certificate Business Studies is an advantage, it is not a necessity.

The Course has 7 Units, of which all will be studied. Here is a list of what is covered with a sample of topics included within each unit

Unit 1: People in Business

Stakeholders, Relationships in Business, Law of Contract

Unit 2: Enterprise

Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship

Unit 3: Managing I

Management of Business, Leadership, Motivation, Communication, Management Activites

Unit 4: Managing II

Household/Business Finance and Tax, Household/Business Insurance, HRM, Assessing Business Performace, Managing Change in Business

Unit 5: Business in Action

Identifying New Business Opportunities, Starting new Business, Marketing the Business

Unit 6: Domestic Environment

Ownership Options in Business, CSR, Community Development

Unit 7: International Environment

International Trade, Ireland and Europe, The European Union, Global Business


The above is a brief outline of topics studied but for any extra information, such as Literacy, Numeracy, Homework or House Exam policies please don’t hesitate to contact the Business Department. The full syllabus can be found here: