Junior Cycle Business Studies (1st to 3rd Year):

In St. Mac Dara’s Community College we offer Business Studies to every First year Student. Although every First year studies Business Studies, it is optional for the remainder of the Junior Cycle.

The course has 4 main elements which are studied over the period of the three Junior Cycle years.

These areas include:

Section 1 – The Business of Living 
  • Income – Sources, Pay Slips
  • Expenditure – Types
  • Household Budgets – Personal, Household
  • Consumer Education – Being an informed consumer
  • Financial Services for Consumers – Money & Banking
Section 2 – The Business Environment
  • The Economic Framework – Intro to Economics
  • National Budgets
  • Marketing
  • Forms of Business Ownership
  • Foreign Trade – Balance of Trade/Payments, Imports/Exports
  • Services for Business
  • People at Work – Working Relations etc.
Section 3  – Book  Keeping 
  • Day Books
  • Book Keeping
  • General Journal
  • Trading, P&L, App A/C
  • Balance Sheet
  • Ledger
  • Club A/C
  • Farm A/C
  • Assessing Business Performance
Section 4 – Information Technology
  • I.T in Business


The above is a brief outline of topics studied but for any extra information, such as Literacy, Numeracy, Homework or House Exam policies please don’t hesitate to contact the Business Department. The full syllabus can be found here: