The Junior Cert Business Studies 1st Classroom Based Assessment is currently ongoing. Students began work on the 12th of March and will have until the 20th of April to submit their Group Project.

This page has been set up to remind students of some of the tasks that they may consider working on over the Easter Break. We have provided some resources and video links below which may be of help.

1 – A Reminder 

Please click on the following link to watch a video producted by St Caimin’s School which provides an excellent overview of the Enterprise in Action Project our Students are in the process of completing.


2 – Conducting Research

The following video clips provide some useful reminders about how you should go about completing your Desk and Field Research.

Setting Research Goals


Conducting Research 

Checking Reliability


Evaluating and Sharing your Research Findings


3 –  Field Research

All groups have completed their Questionnaire using the Survey Monkey website. Students should ensure that this survey is now filled out by members of your Target Market.

4 – Build a Prototype

If your group is designing a new product then make sure to use the time over the Easter to build an example of what this new product will look like. Take pictures and record your progress.

5 – Practice Filling out your Individual Student Research Template

Click on the following link to download a copy of the Student Reflection Template that each member of the Group must fill out individually. This will be completed in class on our return to school (but you may practice what you will write for each section now).

This page also provides detail on the features of quality for CBA1 (how the project will be assessed).

6 – Continue work on your Action Plan

The following link provides an example of a completed CBA 1. Students will be familiar with this Cereal Project from their classwork. Students may use this example to generate ideas for the type of work they need to do to complete their group project.

7 – Just try your best

No need to panic over any of the above work. There will be lots of time (2 weeks) to ask questions and make changes when we return to school. Just try your best.