EU Ambassador Visit

School visit by the Irish Ambassador for Italy, 3rd Secretary and a Peacekeeper in coordination with Global Schools Programme 2025


A team from Global Schools was welcomed on 10th January by the 2nd and 3rd year students. The programme is to encourage an exploration of Ireland’s role in the UN, and the importance we place on our contributions to peacekeeping, international development, and identifying multilateral solutions to the shared global challenges we face.

The Ambassador Colm Ó Floinn spoke about Ireland’s role in the UN and the changing position in the EU. He also spoke about his responsibilities in the embassy in Rome and his experiences of working with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade abroad.

Captain Meehan spoke about Ireland’s defence team working abroad in peacekeeping roles over the last few decades. He also described his time spent in Lebanon.

The Global Schools programme will be rolled out across all second-level schools in the coming months. It has given us a great opportunity to one of the first to hear first-hand experiences of Ireland’s position in foreign trade and defences.