Wishing all our Junior and Leaving Certificate students the very best of luck in their exams in June 2013. We hope that all goes well for you.




Well Done to all our Leaving and Junior Certificate Students 2012 for their excellent results and performance in the State Examinations. They have done themselves, their parents and our college proud. We wish all our past Leaving Certificate students every success in the future.



Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate Exams are fast approaching and now is the time to be putting in that extra effort to get those vital extra marks.

Be prepared to do your best in all your subjects in the next few weeks.  State examinations begin on Wednesday 6th June.

Please click on the links below to view the State Examination timetables

2012 Leaving Certificate Timetable

2012 Junior Certificate Timetable


Previous Examination information. 

Leaving Certificate Results

Always a nerve-wracking day, Wednesday, 17th August was results day and a horde of nervous Sixth Year students descended on the school from early morning to receive that precious Certificate containing their results.  While we are always saddened to see a minority of disappointed students, the vast majority of students were thrilled- and relieved! – with all they achieved and most received sufficient points for the courses of their choice.  We hope all will go on to fulfil their ambitions and hopes even if a few are required to take a slightly longer path.  That path may bring many unexpected attractions and exciting challenges.

The abiding lesson, once again, to be learned from the results is that consistent hard work and regular attendance are necessary prerequisites for success in State examinations.

Junior Certificate Results

Students receive the results of the Junior Certificate on Wednesday, 14th September, 2011.  There will be  much joy, happiness and celebration when individual results are opened and perused.  It is hoped that students will be encouraged by their achievements but also realise that an even greater effort will be required at Senior Cycle to meet the challenge of the Leaving Certificate.  As always, students are advised to celebrate in a responsible manner, in an alcohol-free environment.  Once again, we would encourage all parents to ensure their  children attend school the day after the results.  Regrettably, it has become a fashion in Irish society that celebration of Junior Certificate results is a valid excuse for staying out of school the following day. St. MacDara’s  in no way condones this practice but needs the support of parents in eradicating it.