First Year

History is a compulsory subject for students from First to Third year.  In First Year we examine the roles of Historians and Archaeologists, Ancient Ireland, Ancient Rome, Medieval History (Castle, Church & City) and then the Renaissance.  This gives our students a solid foundation in understanding where the modern world finds its roots and helps them see how modern civilisation has developed.

Second Year

In Second Year we move on a detailed study of change in History.  We look specifically at Plantations, Exploration, Revolutions and social change, such as the Industrial and Agricultural Revolutions.  Our study of History in this year becomes more personal and local, allowing the students to explore those themes that they find most engaging.


Third Year

Then in Third Year we look closely at Twentieth Century History in Ireland and Europe, covering topics such as International Relations in Twentieth Century Europe, Rebellion and Independence in Ireland, and then a detailed study of the Cold War and the European Economic Community, as well as Social Change in Twentieth Century Ireland.

Over three years of study our students will acquire information and develop an understanding of how the contemporary world has been shaped by the interaction of people and events in the past.  In short, they should develop a love for history.