In  St. MacDaras CC Transition Year History builds on the interest and enthusiasm for History acquired at Junior Cert level. The History class encourages debate, discussion and the development of personal views. Students are encouraged to enjoy analyzing source documents and cartoons and to discuss different interpretations of them. Students are also encouraged to produce a project on their family tree or an oral History interview.


Transition Year students have the opportunity to undertake an individual research project of their choice. This will involve locating sources, research, collecting data and learning the skills of editing.

Essay writing skills will also be developed during the year.

During the year students will have the opportunity to study a selection of the following modules:


1. An Explanation of the Leaving Cert Syllabus:

Document study, the research study and other modules,

why study history, the work of the historian, a visit to the library.


2. An Introduction to European History – World War 1

Irish involvement in W.W.1

Battle of the Somme, using documentary evidence.

New weapons, new styles of warfare

Effect on civilian populations.


 3. An Introduction to American History 1945-1989:

Racial conflict

Rosa Parks

Martin Luther King

Montgomery bus Boycott

1969 Moon Landings

Vietnam War


4. Field Trips:

Glasnevin cemetery,

1916 walking tour

Collins Barracks


5.   Annual School History Day;

Different stalls focusing on all aspects of History


Assessment: Project based (100%)

Transition Year students are encouraged to read as widely as possible round the course, and to get information from as wide a range of sources as possible i.e. the internet, libraries, T.V.,

films, documentaries, newspapers and primary sources where possible.

Lively discussions are common in the class and students are encouraged above all to enjoy History.