Assessment Tests for Incoming First Years 8th February 2017


We look forward to welcoming your son/ daughter to the St. Mac Dara’s Entrance Assessment on Wednesday  8th February from 9am to 1pm.

For the entrance test, incoming students are asked to bring pencils, sharpeners and erasers.

The test will take place in the Sports Hall which is the large building at the back of the school.

Students may bring a snack or beverage to consume during the breaks.

You can reassure your son/daughter that it is not an exam, but in fact some short reasoning tests. There will be an example and some practice questions for each test, so listen carefully and work through these before starting each test. Students must work in silence but, if they have a query, they should raise their hand and wait for the teacher to approach them.

These tests are not designed to measure what your son/daughter has learned at school but their potential to perform well in the future. There is no need for any student or parent to be anxious about it.

This is the first opportunity for your sons/daughter to meet his/her St. Mac Daras classmates and it is always an exciting time for them.

Please be assured that, as is always the case at St. Mac Dara’s, we will take excellent care of your son/daughter on the day.

We wish all our incoming first years  good luck and look forward to meeting you.