Last Thursday the Girl’s Rugby Squad were visited by Joe Schmidt, head coach of the Irish Rugby Squad.  The girls had raised € 500 for Epilepsy Ireland by raffling an iPad and Joe came in to accept the cheque.  Glenna Gallagher, fundraising director of Epilepsy Ireland also attended.  They both expressed how grateful they were to the girls and thanked them for their support of this very important charity.

Then the real fun started as Joe took the girls for a quick training session.  He said he had half-an-hour to spare but he stayed for almost a full hour with the girls working on their passing technique and their support lines.  He was a really tough coach and made the girls work really hard.  They loved it.  He even took some time to pose for photographs with the girls.  When he was finished Mr Donnelly, Deputy Principal, made a small presentation to Joe to show our gratitude for him visiting us.  Joe was thrilled with this, and promised that he would come back to see us.  He complimented the girls on their ability, but especially on their team spirit.

Well done to the girls for raising this money for Epilepsy Ireland, and a special thank you to Ms S Brady for organising the day and overseeing the fundraising.