Sarah Shanahan (5th Yr), Jack Sperin (5th Yr), and Tara Byrne (6th Yr) were involved int he BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2012. Their project involved carbon nanotubes and a fuel producing efficient, cheap and environmentally friendly energy. Sarah Shanahan came up with the idea herself. It could greatly impact the economy and employment as well as the environment. They were visited by politicians and former winners of the exhibition as well as being featured in newspapers and on the RTE News. They will be involved in a BT Business programme next week and also the Young Environmentalist of the Year Awards. We wish them success in their future endeavours.

St. Mac Dara’s Community College has two entries into the BT Young Scientist & Technology exhibition. This is an extremely popular and demanding competition which requires a lot of dedication from the participating students and teachers. This year we would like to congratulate two groups of our students, under the guidance of Ms. U. Clarke, for qualifying for this competition. Even getting through the selection process is an achievement.