School Self Evaluation

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What is School Self Evaluation (SSE)?
School self-evaluation is a collaborative, inclusive, and reflective process of
internal school review. An evidence-based approach, it involves gathering
information from a range of sources, and then making judgements. All of this
with a view to bring about improvements in students’ learning.
The SSE process provides a way for schools to systematically plan for,
implement and monitor changes and improvements in aspects of practice
that they have identified as priorities.
School self-evaluation involves reflective enquiry leading to action planning
for improvement that is informed by evidence gathered within each school’s
unique context. The process enables schools to use this evidence to identify
meaningful and specific targets and actions for improvement that focus on
teaching and learning practices. It enables them to create and implement
improvement plans, to measure their progress, and to identify their
In their ongoing engagement with school self-evaluation, schools should
continue to focus on teaching and learning. They should continue to use the
process to implement national initiatives and to identify and work on aspects
of their own teaching and learning practices which require development and

The six-step process that schools must follow consists of:
Step 1: Identify focus
Step 2: Gather evidence
Step 3: Analyse and make judgements
Step 4: Write and share report and improvement plan
Step 5: Put improvement plan into action
Step 6: Monitor actions and evaluate impact

Who does SSE involve?
SSE is a collaborative, inclusive, whole-school approach that involves the
entire school community. SSE is led by a coordinator and committee; however,
it is the responsibility of every staff member to work collaboratively to
improve the teaching and learning within the school community.

Every day. Every class. Every teacher

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