The Student Council had their training day recently. It was a really enjoyable day. The aim of the group is to make the school a better place for everyone in it. During their training day they practised skill such as listening, planning and decision making through different group activities. They also considered what are the current needs of the students in the school and how they can plan actions to meet these needs.
The members of the group are
Una Nerney (1 Bangor)
James O’Connor (1 Clones)
Lynn Mooney (2 Achill)
Ciaran Rodgers (2 Clare)
Alexandra Webster (3 Cashel)
Nathan Devitt (3 Comeragh)
Jane Douglas (T.Y.)
Ethan Rooney (T.Y.)
Alana Ward (5 Derg)
Liam Egan (5 Measc)