Transition Year Work

Year Head Notice
Underneath this notice there is detail on some of the work that TY students must complete during the school closure. Many of your subject teachers will also have assigned work via Google Classroom and otherwise. Please keep up to date with your subjects and get as much done as possible. It is a good time to take up a book and get some reading done as well.
For the portfolio for Ms Clune:
1. Don’t worry about signatures on items of work, just make sure you have a variety of different subjects.
2. We can get Work Experience evaluation forms when we get back but if you wanted to write a Work Experience diary instead you can.
3. For mentor meetings we can hold off til we get back or else you can write an extra highlight instead.
In relation to Work Experience, you don’t have to attend as we are not in school, please take the time to contact your place of work to let them know, although I am sure they will have been watching the news. If someone would like to continue they would have to go on their parent’s advice. We can’t make that decision for you.
I know you’ll have plenty of work to do but please remember your GAISCE and your ECDL could be helped along during this time.
*If I need to get an ECDL code organised someone from the class should email me and I will try get one sorted.
Take care and remember the HSE guidelines around hand hygiene and social distancing. Practice your wonderful skills of care and volunteering where it is safe to do so.
Keep busy.
Ms Clune

Ms Cairns Art Classroom Code is tof5tke

Subject Class Teacher Work to be Completed

Classical Studies

4 Burren B. Mullins Please consult Google Classroom.
Computer Studies 4 Burren B. Mullins Please consult Google Classroom
English   N Kelly See google classroom
French TY French Mr Gibson Work assigned via Google Classroom. Code = ezo2ztx
GAA Future Leaders   P Burke
Students should ensure that all 3 modules (Journalism, Wellbeing, Overview) have been completed and uploaded to the Future Leaders Platform. Further information will be provided via Google Classroom.
German German Ms O’Hara Continue planning “meine Reise nach Berlin” (Google Classroom Code: gvu4fwk)
Italian TY ITALIAN ILENIA CAPPELLO work will be uploaded in Google classroom
Life Skills   Ms Clune Students to consult Google Classroom on a regular basis.
All constructions to be completed by Friday 20/03/2020.
Every construction to be drawn 3 times and compiled in a dedicated booklet for future reference.
Use videos for instruction
Music   V Butler See google classroom code zu5vw44
Spanish 4 span 1.2 Ms perrin work will be uploaded on google classroom- students have code. code is p77aoeu
TY Mini Company   P Burke
All students are to provide their Business Plan update via email to Mr Burke. Further direction will then be given via email.