Modern Languages


In St. Mac Dara’s all students are required to study a modern language to Junior Cert level. The modern languages offered to students in St. Mac Dara’s are Spanish, French, German and Italian (Leaving Cert only).


Why should I learn a modern language?

Learning a foreign language has numerous benefits, as well as being really good fun! Learning a second language in school can be useful when travelling abroad, in careers, and can even help improve your knowledge of languages you already speak, such as English and Irish.


What will I learn?

Some of the things you will learn over the course of the Junior Certificate are:

  • How to speak about yourself, your family and friends in your chosen language
  • Information about the countries where the languages are spoken
  • The grammar of the language and how it works
  • How to read and write in your chosen language.


How will I learn a foreign language?

In St Mac Dara’s our language teachers aim to immerse students in their chosen language at all times. Students will learn the language through different mediums such as games, films, songs and textbooks.


Do I have to continue studying a foreign language at Leaving Cert level?

No, languages are not compulsory at Leaving Cert level. Students choose to keep on a foreign language beyond 3rd year. The Leaving Cert course is a continuation of the material learned at junior level, just with a more in-depth approach. Having a Leaving Cert modern language is a requirement for most Irish universities, therefore it is very important for students to make wise choices.


For more information on each of the languages offered at St. Mac Dara’s see the following websites:


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