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Welcome to St. Mac Dara’s Guidance and Counselling webpage.

St. Mac Dara’s Community College provides a comprehensive Guidance and Counselling service to all members of the school community.

The Guidance and Counselling service helps students to develop an awareness and acceptance of their talents and abilities. It involves the full range of interventions which helps students make choices about their lives

Our Guidance and Counselling team have recently collaborated with ‘CareersPortal’ to provide an up to date resource for St. Mac Dara’s students, which will help facilitate communication and support careers research while working remotely.  

You can visit our dedicated Careers Portal Guidance Counselling webpage  by CLICKING HERE

The main aim of Guidance and Counselling at St. Mac Dara’s Community College is to provide variety of services in three main areas:

Personal and Social Guidance:  Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and skills relating to a student’s personal and social development. This area empowers students to make decisions, solve problems and change behaviour.

Educational Guidance: Assisting in decision making, motivation, learning and examinations techniques and with choices of subjects, courses and levels. Aptitude, ability, interest and other assessment tools are used to assist the student in the decision making process.

Career Guidance:  Assisting in decision making related to the choices of further and higher education, training courses and employment opportunities. The guidance service explores job seeking skills, work and other life roles.

The Guidance and Counselling service consults with teachers, parents, learning support and management in the planning of the guidance programme. The Guidance Counsellors have an advocacy role on behalf of the students with outside agency’s employers and third level institutions.

The Guidance and Counselling service supports student learning to cope with many aspects of their personal, social, educational and career development.

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