Fifth Year Work

Teachers will continue to set work for fifth year students during the closure period. Students will find this work below or alternatively students may be given work directly by their teachers through Google Classroom or College emails. We expect all students to keep up to date with any work given.

A brief parents guide to google classroom can be downloaded by clicking here.

* Construction Studies           Mr Darcy          Google Classroom Code toqhko5

Subject Class Teacher Work to be Completed
Accounting 5ACC-4.5 Liam Cormack Continue with questions on Depreciation as per Google Classroom instruction.
Art 5th Year Art and Art History Miss Milton/Miss Cairns
all 5th Year Classes can access practical and Art History assignments through google classroom using the code gnjjbei
Art 5th year Music V Butler
Mov 2 Mozart notes to be completed with annotated scored provided on Google classroom
Biology   Mr. Geraghty Please refer to google classroom for instruction.
The code for your class is : iyqllix
Biology Biology (4.3) & (2.8) Ms. Cosgrave
Students have all signed up to Google classroom, work will be assigned through this medium. Students will have to submit completed work by a given deadline.
Biology 5Biol 5.2 and 5Biol 3.1 Ms. Lalor
Complete the Heart and Blood topic: See Google Classroom for details and further instruction.
Business 5th Year Business Mr Ryan

Work is uploaded to our Google classroom. Important students complete all work to remain on course with our syllabus. Our class code, for those that may have been absent, is as follows:


Business Ms Brady’s Business Class Ms Brady
Ch 16 write out key words and their meaning. HL p241 Q7 &Q8, OL p239 Q5 & Q7.
Chemistry   Ms Clarke Google Classroom code is zwkyl5x
Computer Studies Fifth year Computers. B. Mullins Consult Google Classroom
DCG 5th Year DCG Mr Ryan O’Dwyer All work is on Google Classroom CODE: kykr56m
Economics Ms Brady’s Economics Ms Brady
Handout from Thursday complete 2019 question and do questions from 2018 and 2017.
Engineering 4.6 Mr.Kenny
All work will be submitted to Google Classrooms, anyone who has still not joined the code is – o43hqp4.
Engineering 5 Eng 3.4 Matt McCabe See work assigned on Google Classroom Code 5isnvdc
English K.Kelly 5th Year English Katy Kelly

Google Classroom code: awegvmh

N.B. All students should, first and foremost, thoroughly revise their comparative studies texts, sample answers and revision notes on Google Classroom.
Students should study their three modes of comparison for all texts;
1. General Vision and Viewpoint
2. Cultural Context
3. Theme and Issue

for the following texts;

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood.
‘Brooklyn’ by John Crowley (uploaded in full to Google Classroom).
‘Philadelphia, Here I Come!’ by Brian Friel.

When students are satisfied that they have a thorough revision of the above completed, students should then make their way through the following;

Section I – Question B

Please note that Question B answers should be 1.5 to 2 A4 pages in length.

Q1-Radio Talk.
Write the text of a radio talk or interview in which you and a guest discuss the housing crisis and shortage of accommodation in Ireland.
Please see notes and sample answer on Google Classroom.

2012 HL paper – ‘You’re old enough, I reckon, to make your own decisions.’
Write a short speech in which you attempt to persuade a group of parents that older
teenagers should be trusted to make their own decisions.
Please see notes and sample speech on Google Classroom.

Q3-Formal Letter
2006 HL paper – Write a letter to a famous writer or celebrity or sports personality of your choice offering your services as a ghost writer for a future book. In your letter you should outline the reasons why you believe you would make a successful ghost writer for your chosen author.
Please see notes and sample answer on Google Classroom.

Q4-Diary Entry
2011 HL paper (based on) – Write a series of diary entries in which you describe your first day or two having emigrated to a new country. Use John Crowley’s ‘Brooklyn’ for inspiration.
Please see notes and sample answer on Google Classroom.

2017 Section II (Composition) Q.4
Please note that Section II compositions should be 4 to 6 A4 pages in length.
Write a short story in which a tattoo plays an important part in the narrative.
Please see notes and instructions for short story on Google Classroom.

Students can contact me via Google Classroom with any queries they may have.

English 5th yr S. O’Reilly. S.O’Reilly.
Read Chapters 27 to 33 of your Novel. Write out short summaries to be submitted on your return to school.
Continue work on your Comparative Project, which forms part of your Summer Assessment.
Continue work on your 3 language pieces.
English NKelly English NKelly See google classroom
English 5 English 5.3 D Feore
(1) What is your impression of Edmund, Edward and Gloucester in this scene? Refer to Edmund’s soliloquy and the relationships between the three characters. Write one paragraph about each character. (2) Compare the social setting in ‘King Lear’ and ‘Never Let Me Go’. Remember that social setting refers to the world in which the characters live. (3) Complete the OL exam question on ‘Child of Our Time’ by Eavan Boland from 2018. Go to Google Classroom for more details and resources. The code is awr74r7.
English 5 Year English (Hons) P. Finucane See Google Classroom – code 5wsp4rj
English   Ms Levey See google classroom code zwkyl5x
English 5th English Ms Clune Students to consult Google Classroom on a regular basis.
French 5th yr S.O’Reilly. S.O’Reilly.
Complete your Oral Project, to be submitted on your return to school. It is part of your Summer Assessment.
Continue your preparation for your French Orals which will be taking place after Easter.
Continue reading your French novel and working on your Oral Presentation of same which you must deliver after Easter, also forming part of the Summer Assessment.
Use the time wisely to watch more TV5 Monde, digital TV Channel 825.
Please listen to your French radio apps on a daily basis.
Do some french reading every day.
Revise your 2 past tenses for the Summer Exam.
Bonne Chance.
French La classe de Mr Gibson et Mme Downes Mr Gibson et Mme Downes All work assigned via Google Classroom. Code = fw2drwq
French/English. 5th yr English/ 5th yr French. S.O’Reilly. Google Classroom Codes.
5th yr French ss7eryo
5th yr English duaz7zh
Gaeilge   Naomhán Ó Ríordáin Consult Google Classroom
Gaeilge   Mr Clarke
Refer daily to google classroom eeqcmmj – All assignments must be done on time
Refer to google classroom for work. Continue to complete the GDA, then move on The West and work through questions in the book.
History Mr O’Brien’s History Class Mr O’Brien All work posted on Google classroom. The code is: dzwlu3b
History Fifth Year History B. Mullins See Google Classroom
LCVP 5th Year LCVP Ms Clune/Mr Ryan
Seek sponsor prizes for ball drop where possible and continue with Enterprise/Action plan completion at home.
Mathematics     See individual Google Classroom
Ms Cosgrave: GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE: t6fkc3t
Mr Carey (11.3): GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE: t4ixzcu
Mr Carey (10.2) GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE: lmal635
Maths 5Math 10.3 Ms. Lalor
Topic: Coordinate Geometry: The Line. See Google classroom for details and further instructions.
Music 5th year Music V Butler Please see google classroom for work assigned.
Code: auq62lx
Physical Education
A google classroom has not been assigned for PE classes, however students should be encouraged via the website to remain active while not in school using YouTube videos such as the body coach and getting some fresh air.
Spanish 5 Spanish Higher Level N.Denny
1. Continue revising Quizlet sets as normal – timeframe should be upped to a minimum of 1.5 hours a week for this duration
2. Draft answers for the following topics: Myself, My family, My holidays – these will be submitted via Google Classroom
3. Continue learning Roleplays
4. Refer to Google Classroom on class days for further instruction
Spanish 5 Span 2.3 Ms Perrin
Work will be uploaded on google classroom students have code. Code is : xbbff6z
 Physics  5 Phys  Mr. Cosgrave
 Mixture of Zoom Classes  and Google Classroom Code xtkxuue