First Year Work

Teachers will continue to set work for first year students during the closure period. Students will find this work below or alternatively students may be given work directly by their teachers through Google Classroom or College emails. We expect all students to keep up to date with any work given.

A brief parents guide to google classroom can be downloaded by clicking here.

* Engineering               Tuesday Class              Mr Lyons           Google Classroom Code jb5ylfg

Thursday Class           Mr Lyons           Google Classroom Code w4pkzk7

Monday Class             Mr McCabe       Google Clasroom Code l2uhqft

Thursday Class           Mr McCabe       Google Classroom Code  at7f4ie

Technical Graphics      Mr McCabe       Google Classroom Code  bva7f2u

Woodwork                   Mr Darcy           Google Classroom Codes as follows

Monday group code   w6jclup
Thursday group code qk7j7vw
Friday group code.     2hxexu7


Subject Class Teacher Work to be Completed
Art   Miss Cairns
All 1st Year students of Miss Cairns can access assignments through google classroom with the class code rxcxt6p


L Dingle

Students refer to Google Classroom code: ocuo3dk

Students refer to Google Classroom code: sa3eiiv for weekly assignments

Business Studies All Classes   Household Budgets Handout to be completed
Business Studies 1 Lambay Ms Brady Cash budget in handout.
Business Studies 1 Aran Liam Cormack Continue with Household Budget questions set in class
CSPE 1 Clare B. Mullins Consult Google Classroom.
English 1 Rathlin N.Denny
1. Complete character profiles for the main characters in ‘Private Peaceful.’
2. Choose a novel from list given in class (also on Google Classroom) and complete before return to school.
3. Write a book review on the novel you choose.
4. Refer to Google Classroom on class days for further instructions.
English 1 Aran , 1Clare. S. O’Reilly Continue to work on your Novel Project, which forms part of your Summer Assessment.
Do some descriptive/narrative writing in preparation for Summer Exams.
English 1 Lambay P. Finucane See Google Classroom – code yy2v32u
English   Ms Levey see google classroom code 2dyrplo
English/French 1 Aran. 1Clare, 1 Achill. S.O’Reilly Google Codes. 1 Aran a7fwtry. 1 Clare zp7qv4i. 1 Achill French tvfy75k.
French. 1 Achill. S.O’Reilly
Continue work on your French Project, to be submitted on your return to school, this will form part of your Summer Assessment, as you already know.
Please revise all the Units from your French textbook which will be examined in the Summer Exam.
Gaeilge Rathlin Mr Clarke Refer daily to google classroom – 3iiqt5z. All assignments must be done on time
Continue work in workbook, making sure they have completed topic 1 to topic 11. When this is completed, continue on with topic 27: Primary Activities in your book and workbook. Also refer to your google class for updates.
Geography 1 geog c Ms Perrin See google classroom code is ynhpwkn
Geography 1 geog C Ms perrin
Work will be uploaded on google classroom. Students will have code by Friday. Code is: ynhpwkn
German Lambay Béibhinn O’Hara
See Google Classroom for work to be completed on the topic of “wo wohnst du?” (Code: ecytvsk)
History 1 Lambay V Butler Please see google classroom for work assigned
Code: gfigdoa
History   Naomhán Ó Ríordáin Consult Google Classroom
History Fifth Year History Brian Mullins Go to Google Classroom
home economics 3.2, F, 4.4, 1.1 A O’Rourke see google classroom 6zwrs2v
I Lambay History 1 Lambay Ms. Butler Green textbook Artefact Read page 101-102
QS 1-4 pg 102. See google classroom for more updates
Italian 1rst Rathlin ILENIA CAPPELLO work will be uploaded in google classroom
Junior Engineering E, F, 4.5. Mr. Kenny
All work will be submitted to Google Classrooms, anyone who has not joined yet the code is – 2spwtjj.
All students should attempt to complete chapters 12, 13 and 14 in Active Maths 1.
Read the example questions and complete chapter questions. Students should use online resources, such as KhanAcademy, Youtube videos to help with questions. Teachers can be contacted via students school email address
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Maths Lambay Ms Rowden
Statistics – Chapter 12, 13 and 14. Read examples and answer questions in each exercise. Aim for 40 minutes, 4 times a week. Websites to help such as Khan Academy and Math is Fun will be put on the website
Music 1 Achill, 1 Blasket, 1Clare and 1 Lambay V Butler Please see Google Classroom for work to be submitted for Monday, 23rd March
Google Classroom Codes:
1 Achill – iebo5x7
1 Blasket – 3ttkm4h
1 Clare – n72te7y
1 Lambay – evxfd7u
Music 1 Achill 1 Clare V Butler See google classroom all work set there
Music 1 Raithlin & 1 Aran Ms. E Byrne

7 Page handout on Irish music & notation. All information on Google Classroom

I Raithlin Code: 7cyzp5a
1 Aran Code: eubp7w4

Religion Lambay Ms Pierce and Ms Delaney

1 Lambay Religious Education

A Question of Faith

Chapter 15

Read: Textbook pg 151 – 157


Write the Answers 1 – 4 pg 152

Write the Answers 1 – 5 pg 153


Pg 104 – 110 – All questions

Photograph completed work and send to [email protected]

Religion 1Aran, 1 Achill, 1 Blasket, 1 Rathlin K Smith Read the handout on Islam and complete worksheet. Both are on google classroom.
Science 1st science Ms U Clarke see code 2dyrplo
Science Ms.Brennan’s two first year classes (Tuesday and Friday) Ms.Brennan / Ms.Begley
Students will be assigned work via google classroom. Powerpoints will be uploaded and students will be required to read and make notes on the content. Students will then be assigned workbook pages to complete. Students may have to provide evidence of work completion (e.g uploading a photo of their workbook work/document of their note taking)
Science Ms Doherty 1st year Science Ms Doherty Please see Google classroom (code 4nb2wrx)
Science 1 Lambay – Science option E- Wednesdays D. Walsh Continue to access assignments and instructions on googleclassroom on class days
Science First Yr. Science-option 3.1 – Thursdays D.Walsh Continue to access googleclassroom for assignments and instruction on class day
Spanish 1 Blasket N.Denny 1. Complete activities in ‘Diario de Aprendizaje’ on the following chapters: 1,2,3,4,6 and 8
2. Write a piece on the following topics: Myself and My family
3. Refer to Google Classroom on class days – further material will be given there.
Spanish 1 SPAN D MS PERRIN work will be uploaded on google classroom and students have code. CODE IS: qrlocjy
Technical Graphics Classes – 2.4, F, 3.5, E, 6.1 and 1.3 Mr.Kenny
Work will be uploaded to Google Classroom, anyone who has not already joined the code is – 6ijkhdd.
Visual Art 1 Art 6.3 L.Dingle Plan designs for illustration and typography
 Maths  1 Achill  Mr. Cosgrave  Mixture of Zoom classes and Google Classroom  Code ljtl5xb