Second Year Work

Teachers will continue to set work for second year students during the closure period. Students will find this work below or alternatively students may be given work directly by their teachers through Google Classroom or College emails. We expect all students to keep up to date with any work given.

A brief parents guide to google classroom can be downloaded by clicking here.

* Woodwork              Mr Darcy                Google Classroom Codes zl23di6 or xrfruwi

Technical Graphics      Mr McCabe        Google Classroom Code 53x7hvt

Subject Class Teacher Work to be Completed
Business   Mr Ryan

Please check our Google classroom for work to be completed.
As explained in class, I have to groups and for those that may have been absent. The Google classroom codes are as follows:
Group 1: zdzcxqi
Group 2: 6aupqd6

Mr Ryan

CSPE 2 Comeragh B. Mullins Go to Google Classroom
English 2 Dublin N.Denny.
1. Watch ‘12 Angry Men’ film and write review of film.
2. Continue reading your novel as part of our reading project
3. Choose an additional novel to read. Aim to complete this before our return to school.
4. Complete a book review of one of the novels you have read.
5. Refer to Google Classroom on class days for further instruction.
English 2 Cashel, 2 Errigal and 2 Fingal. Katy Kelly.

Students are to continue with our Film Studies unit. All students have been supplied with a workbook on Stephen Spielberg’s “E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial” which must be completed in full while students are reviewing key scenes from the film. The film has been uploaded to our Film Studies folder on Google Classroom.

When the workbook is complete. students are to begin their CBA2 writing piece. Instructions and resources are all on Google Classroom. For this piece, students must write a formal letter to Stephen Spielberg explaining why you liked/disliked the film. Discuss the characters, a favourite scene, knowledge of the making process and any questions you have about E.T. This CBA2 piece should be roughly 1.5 A4 pages long.

Finally, students should ensure the below CBA2 checklist posted on Google Classroom is fulfilled and prepared for submission when we return to school.

CBA2 Checklist – Easter 2020
All pieces are either handwritten or typed in size 12 font only.
• Book review/summary of “To Kill a Mockingbird” (1 page minimum).
• Two opposing diary entries from “To Kill a Mockingbird” (1.5 pages).
• 2019 Q10 – Email to the Editor of the Irish Times (1.5 pages).
• Formal letter to Stephen Spielberg about “E.T.” (1.5 pages)

English 2 Ardagh Deirdre Feore
(1) Edit war diary and submit by Wednesday 18 March. (2) Write a short story based on relationships between people. Submit by Friday 20 March. (3) Once short story has been corrected, edit it and submit again. The code for Google Classroom is e6j45fg.
English 2 Comeragh Ms Levey see google classroom code rdmcywu
French Ardagh Mr Gibson Work assigned via Google Classroom . Code = vx6t7n3
Gaeilge Rang Gaeilge le Mr Gibson Mr Gibson All work assigned via Google Classroom. Code = q5unx7h
Gaeilge   Mr Clarke Refer daily to google classroom – mgoxopo. All assignments must be done on time
Complete workbook from chapter 15 to chapter 26. Make sure all research on your CBA is complete if still working on it in class. Also refer to updates on your google classroom.
German Errigal Béibhinn O’Hara Continue working on CBA
German Errigal Ms O’Hara Continue working on CBA (Google Classroom Code: xqznhxl)
History 2 Dublin D. Corr Code – uwr7uya
History   Naomhán Ó Ríordáin Consult Google Classroom
home economics 3.1, 1.4 A O’Rourke see google classroom 43uyfhi
Italian 2nd finglas ilenia Cappello work will be uploaded in Google classroom
Jun. Engineering 2 Eng 3.8 Matt McCabe See work assigned on Google Classroom Code inlhscs
Junior Engineering 1.6 Mr.Kenny
All work will be posted to Google Classrooms, anyone who has still not joined the code is – j7rdtqh.
Check individual Google Classroom
Ms Mathews (Dublin) GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE: eqyrtdm
Ms Mathews (Errigal) GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE: 7l5qvqb
Mr Garry Students have been given a code to join another teachers Google Classroom for the next two weeks. If a student hasn’t received a code please contact ccanavan@stmacdaras and they will be added to a class.
Classroom Based Assessment research. Rubrics for guidance will be put up on Google Classroom
Maths 2Math 4.1 Ms. Lalor CBA1: see Google classroom for details and further instructions.
Music 2nd Year Music V Butler Complete work assigned on google classroom
Code: yjyayrc
Religion 2 Errigal D. Corr Code coywkeq
Religion 2 Cashel, 2 Dublin & 2 Ardagh Ms E Byrne

Complete all questions from document on the celebration of faith (section E Revision) which can be accessed on Google Classroom.

Follow instructions on google classroom regarding due date and method of submission.

Codes for Google Classroom:
2 Ardagh ojjwtjp
2 Dublin k33tiqe
2 Cashel qbn7bbi

Religion 2 Cashel Ms E Byrne

Question document on Google Classroom. To be completed on a word document and submitted. Due on Friday 20th March. See google classroom for all details.

Google classroom code for 2 Cashel: qbn7bbi

Science 2nd science Ms U Clarke see code pwsumhk
Science Ms D. Brennan’s 2nd year class. Ms D.Brennan
Powerpoints/Youtube clips will be uploaded to Google classroom. Students will be required to read over the content and make notes on it. Students will also be assigned work (from workbook or through a google document). Students may have to show completed work by uploading photos/documents.
Science   Mr. Geraghty Please refer to Google Classroom for instrucions.
If you have science period 1+2 on a Tuesday your code is: f36qkxn
If you have science period 8+9 on a Tuesday your code is: 266lq3q
If you have science period 1+2 on a Wednesday your code is: hqeckw4
Science 2nd Yr Science -option 1.2-Tues & Wed D.Walsh Continue to refer to googleclassroom for assignments and instruction on class days
Science Second yr. Science – Option 3.3- Tue & Thurs D.walsh Continue to refer to googleclassroom for assignments and instructions on class days
Spanish 2 SPAN C ms perrin work will be uploaded on google classroom- students have code. code is duf732i
Spanish 2nd Comeragh Ilenia Cappello Work will be uploaded in Google classroom
Visual Art 2nd Year Visual Art Miss Milton/Miss Cairns
all 2nd Year classes of Miss Milton/Miss Cairns can access assignments through google classroom using the code fzm75de