• Ráth Cairn Gaeltacht

    In September, 42 third year students travelled to the Ráth Cairn Gaeltacht in […]

  • DATS

    The Differential Aptitude test for Third Years will take place on Wednesday the […]

  • European Day of Languages

    “TY students celebrating European Day of Languages 2017”

  • Student Council for 2017-2018

    This year’s  Student Council are : Ronan Al-Johmani (Chairperson) Keara Mulvany (Secretary) Aimee […]

  • Mission Statement…

    We, the community of this College, through a caring
    and collective approach, aspire to provide a broadbased education for all, to foster respect and dignity and to promote a safe and just environment by positively encouraging all to realise their potential.