Transition Year

Transition Year at St. Mac Dara’s has a long tradition of providing students with a wide variety of experiences and activities. Transition Year allows students to grow, mature and flourish with a mix of academic, practical and cultural subjects and programmes. In recent year’s students of Transition Year have had the opportunity to engage with subjects such as “Community Care”, “Russian” “Agricultural Science” “Mini-Company” and “Development Education”. This coming year we are delighted to welcome a new programme run by the GAA called “Future Leaders” which provides students with coaching, leading and mentoring skills which can be used in all walks of life. The Transition Year students engage with a variety of charities and have managed to make their school garden completely self-sufficient. Students will enjoy academic and not so academic outings beginning with a class bonding trip to the “East Coast Adventure” centre in Northern Ireland. In the coming year we are hoping to work closely with the Irish Wheelchair Association, to provide foreign exchange for our students and to develop our mountaineering skills. Students of Transition Year are given many responsibilities and must engage fully with the programmes in order to maximise the experience for themselves. Positivity and enthusiasm are key facets to the programme.

Overall our aim is to provide our Transition Year students with a holistic, cultured, vibrant experience and for them to enjoy every second of it.

Transition Year Rag Day, 2019

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